Why I decided to shift my business into Motherhood

January 23, 2021

I am so incredibly excited for this new chapter of my business, but I thought I would clear up a few lingering questions. The main one being WHY??

Well, ever since I became pregnant with Sophie I was OBSESSED with photographing my baby belly. You know its true what they say about that pregnancy glow. Although pregnancy feels less than glamours most of the time, there is still this constant glow around you and that magical baby belly. Fast forward to Sophie being born. As many of you know she was born in the midst of our first lockdown, so newborn photos obviously weren’t an option. Thankfully I possess all the skills needed to take me own professional photos Lol but looking back I am so so thankful for the many photos I’ve taken of my girl.

Sophie has helped me learn a whole new appreciation for capturing mothers, newborns, young babes and families. She has taught me what its like to walk around with your heart outside of your body. She has taught me patience and understanding. Sophie and I share a bond that is unexplainable unless you have experienced it for yourself. There is love in your heart, you don’t even know exists until you have a child.

This bond I’m talking about is what I want to capture on my camera. This is the story I want to tell. The story of a mother holding her belly and dreaming of who that little baby is going to be. The story of each tiny wrinkle on a fuzzy, soft skinned newborn while he lays on his mothers chest; listening to her heart beat. The story of a fathers big hands embracing his tiny newborn baby girl, knowing that he will do anything in this world to protect her. These are the stories I want to tell in front of my lens.

With that being said I am still very passionate about photographing couples and telling their love story. I have a very special place in my heart reserved for all you. I am still accepting all couple sessions that light a fire in my heart. And I will be only taking on a select few weddings per year.

Here is a peak into my new journey of motherhood. P.s I have been secretly building a client closet and I can’t wait to share it with you! (see my instagram highlight called client closet)